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GeniPulse Comes up With Latest Software For Lab And Pharma

Pharmacy Management Software
GeniPulse Technologies is an Indian company that has received worldwide acclaim for its innovative practices in the medical field.The company is considered to be one of the most renowned companies not just in India but also in the world as it develops several state of the art and futuristic software technologies that can enhance the healthcare services. GeniPulse is said to be the pioneer in developing such solutions. GeniPulse Technologies has now come up with few more additions to their innovations which are the Pharmacy Management Software and Laboratory Management Software. These two latest software solutions have completely revamped the way things are managed in the laboratory and pharmacy. It has become easier to manage things on a day to day basis with the introduction of the new software. The Windows based Laboratory Information System from GeniPulse Technologies comes with several ready to use features. It really becomes easy for faster implementation with the help of these features. The lab software consists of a comprehensive package to make high-tech pathology laboratory. This is a system that uses the latest technologies to manage the day to day work in a lab.
Laboratory Management Software
By using this software, you will be able to manage the data efficiently and also save all the data that is comes up during diagnosis of the entire medical procedure. This software is said to be the best IT solution for the labs. This is now being extensively used extensively not just in India but all over the world to manage the lab work efficiently. The software has the capability to run independently and can also be easily integrated with the existing software. It allows all types of Radiology & Pathology reporting. The Barcode Facility in the Lab Information System also includes bar code scanning and printing facilities. The other technical marvel from GeniPulse Technologies is the Pharma Management system which is also used all over the world by many pharmacies in order to manage the pharmacy shops efficiently. The ready to use features in the pharma management system helps in faster implementation. The software, which has been developed by people who are highly experienced in the pharma field, gives a complete analysis of the sale and purchase ledgers.  The software also helps in managing purchase, sale and stocking of drugs along with other medical consumables. You will also be able to print multiple test results on a single page. There is also a provision to print different group tests on different pages.